North Carolina Electric Wheelchair Hockey Association

The North Carolina Electric Wheelchair Hockey Association (NCEWHA) was created in 2003 with the mission of developing a quality hockey program for people in North Carolina who require the use of an electric wheelchair in daily life.

Knowing that there are many organizations throughout the world that embrace people with disabilities by helping them financially and medically, part of the NCEWHA mission is to provide an avenue to help people with disabilities emotionally as well give them a physical activity in which to participate. The NCEWHA plans to start a league in North Carolina with teams competing annually. Currently, the league consists of the Carolina Fury (NCEWHA’s Tournament Traveling Team) based in Pikeville, North Carolina and the Hot Wheels Team out of Wilmington, North Carolina.

Young or old, male or female, athletics has the ability to build confidence in its participants. This is true for people with disabilities as well. The NCEWHA provides this experience to people with disabilities of all ages. The NCEWHA helps get people out of their homes and active in their community.